what on earth am i going to write about?

Nothing good ever succeeds the word “so”… and in this instance, I believe that this not-so-good-ness proceeding my so is the desolate abyss of my mind.
It seems that the enthusiasm that drove me to start this blog has been slowly deteriorating along with all of my inspiration to keep writing. I haven’t written any poetry in what feels like an eternity and I believe it’s because I have had a lack of things to write it about.
So here we are, seven months later, looking back on something I thought was a fabulous idea. This tends to happen more frequently than I would like – seemingly good ideas turning to shit because I either (a) forget about them, or (b) simply lose interest. Only, I hate that I have had a lack of inspiration and motivation to post here because poetry – I hope – is something that will always hold a place close to my heart.
In spite of this, I have decided to use this space dually for the purpose of expounding my thoughts and as a holding for my completed slam poems. Why waste a perfectly good place to store thoughts?

My only dilemma now is what on earth I’m going to write about…
The three books I read for leisure over my summer break from school?
The fact that I seem to be the only person under the sun who did not enjoy ‘The Greatest Showman’?
The number of times I’ve tried to read ‘Lord of the Rings’ and failed to do so?
How I hate when my clarinet goes in for servicing because I have to live without it for approximately a week and it is the most horrendous form of torture you could put a musician through?
How I spent two weeks of my life binge-watching all seven seasons of ‘Gilmore Girls’ but have no regrets about doing so?
The whole 4000km of driving I’ve done over the past two months?
My excessively long ‘to read’ list that is going to take my whole life to get through?

…all in all, I’ll decide on something eventually because I don’t want everything I post to be like this unstructured, unplanned and chaotic explosion of thought. I just don’t want to limit myself to poetry and poetry alone.

So… I guess I’m done 🙂

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