strangers who knew each other too well

have you ever had a friend, a best friend? someone who you were so close to, but who you lost because of some stupid “problem” and now you’re both strangers again? well recently i lost a best friend for extremely petty reasons and my feelings spilled out into some adequate spoken word.
sometimes you just need to move on,
get over it,
let it go.
because even things that seem
can eventually fade.
losing someone is not always okay,
but it happens everyday,
and i dont mean someone
passing away,
i mean someone who
when you pass,
walks away
like you never meant anything.
those people who you knew
inside and out
but that now you go without
because they doubted
your loyalty.
the ones who believe
everyones opinion
is somehow more valid than yours
and slam door,
after door,
after door,
into you,
while all you’re trying to do
is fix the mess.
there comes a point
where your efforts become pointless
and you become inclined
to point less toward resolution.
so you let it go.
even though it hurts you,
there is nothing more you can do,
and you know it’s true,
so you move on.
and on.
and on.

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